Friday, December 19, 2008

Toile toilets

A white glaze painted with blue oil paint. The images are still hard to see, so I'm going to go back and add more paint, probably more tones because that one blue is looking very flat.

Dainty feet.

They go with the ugly feet. I've since added the seashell toenails to these as well. I use them as potpourri holders. Pumpkin scent. Mmmm!

Ugly feet.

I used the hollow-out method to make them, then put a shiny white underglaze on them. The toenails are seashells.

The Bull

I used red iron oxide stain on his horns and brown and black underglazes on his body... although you really can't tell the difference in this picture.

Mr. Bull

He did have a fabric female reproductive system attached to him, but I think I might like him better this way. He looks like he's been half buried.

Finished Lamb (back)

I might change the color of the shape on his back so it looks red or something. I'll probably just paint him over again because I don't really like how any of the colors turned out. I liked him better when he was just brown and unfired.

Lamb (glazed and painted)

Not the best picture, but this is the little guy after firing and glazing. There are white(although it doesn't show), pink, and black underglazes on him. I also used a "clear" shiny glaze and it turned him brown so I used white oil paint on his body.