Friday, December 18, 2009

Morphing Meat and Can-Can Dancers

Wooden thighs

What I finished in a semester with mainly a chisel. They were attached to a split tree trunk. More work on that project later. (Sculpture 4)

Some of what remains of the ceramic breasts

I made seven pairs, then broke them all for a performance piece. These were the only surviving nipples.

The photo was taken through a condom. No real connection between the two despite that which is obvious...

The Postcard painting

It looked naked without the drips, but I might take them out and paint a more detailed wood grain.

Painting from Diorama

The painting still needs some work. Getting the perspective right on that rug was tricky. Something to come back to.

Impasto portrait of Jasper

Self Portrait

Beginning of the second impressionist self portrait, this time with a monochromatic color scheme. (Painting 2)

Self Portrait

Impressionist style. Painting 2.

Still Life from Painting 2

Some parts are not yet finished, mainly the foreground.

Still Life- flattening space

Painting 2.

Small meat painting with embroidery

I made a second one with a running stitch, but sold it.


Larger meat painting with embroidery, from painting 1.

Self Portrait

from painting 1

Portrait of a man

from painting 1

Large-scale Mask

From sculpture 3. About three feet long, base made from chicken wire and covered with plaster and paper pulp, then painted (acrylic). Displayed in a wooden box.

Bull from Europa project

Fallen man in a bull suit. This was for sculpture 2. Since then, Europa's head an feet have fallen off. Had they not, she would be sitting on his back.