Monday, October 11, 2010

David Birkin
Photographer who makes some interesting diptychs. I like the experimental quality of his projects.

Hugo Bonamin
Great out of focus paintings.

Alex Lucka
Nothing all that subversive about them, but his photographs are beautiful. I enjoy fashion photography sometimes.

Adrian Ghenie
I especially like his portraits where the faces of the figures look like paintings of paintings.


Amazing drawing skills. I find his emphasis on legs very interesting. My favorite pieces of his have an unfinished quality to them. I want to start doing more work on paper bags and other cheap papers.

I love Raoul Dufy

His line work is so distinctive and I really like the layering of different colors and mediums. His work just makes me happy.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just a handful of the artists I admire

So I decided to start a list of all the artists I love so that I could have all the goodness documented in one place. Much more to come.

Jen Mazza
These paintings are just down right sexy. Think Jenny Saville, just scaled down, a little more quiet, but don't lose the violent quality. Incredible use of red and gorgeous simplicity. They make the idea of licking a bloody corpse sound arousing. Her statement is also wonderful.

Natalie Frank
Love the paint handling, the awkward subjects, and the skin!

Will Cotton
Yeah, they're a little problematic. But, I can respect his skill, his actual intent, and his process. They don't make my mouth water; I can feel my teeth rotting out of my head when I look at them though. But anyway, they're still wonderful.

Rai Escale
Interesting combination of paint and collage. Bizarre, gritty, freaky. Not sure how I feel about his explanation of the work he does though. It both interests and irritates me.

Mia Makila

These are just funny and amazing.

Betsy Walton
Great style, great layering. Lovely work.

Susan Silas
Some lovely photographs of dead birds.

Marcel Dzama
Love this guy! He has a great style.

Laura Anderson Barbata
She is so damn cool. Corn cobs with human teeth as the kernels, one of the best images I've ever come across. I'm both amused and jealous.
I trust this site has other great artists. It's where I found her.

Duane Hanson
These are funny. And good.

Ron Mueck
God I love him. Huge, hyperrealist scultpures are always good.

Ernesto Neto

Denis Peterson
Amazing hyperrealist painter.

Valerio Carrubba
One word, anatomy.

Yuko Shimizu
She's funny and a little freaky. I like her.

Mark Ryden
Great presentation and stylization.

Victoria Reynolds
So to all the nincompoops who have said this isn't art, you are stupid and know nothing about art. These are, hands down, the most beautiful paintings I've ever seen. Trust me, this woman knows what she's doing.

Marisol Escobar
I couldn't find a good website with pictures of her work and I have no idea why. She is incredibly cool and possibly my favorite artist, ever.

Louise Bourgeois
But of course there's Louise Bourgeois. I want to be both of these women.

Doug Auld
Hyperreal paintings of burn victims.

Ana Mendieta
An incredible woman and performance artist.

Lisa Bufano
Extremely interesting. Amputee performance artist who does a lot of work with crazy stilts and dance.

Fernando Botero
On my list of favorites, his paintings are probably on par with Marisol's sculptures.

Lucian Freud
Yeah, not going to bother finding a website. I feel like I'm beating a dead horse talking about his. But just the sheer amount of paint this guy uses is unbelievable. The figures which are usually shown at rest give off so much energy because of the paint handling.

Friday, July 9, 2010

My amazing logo designed by Bryan Rollins.

A new species of meat legs

Contortionist/Lamb chop
hollow form sand cast in bronze in two pieces. finished with patina.
I plan on making multiples of this from pink foam, then I'll paint them.

Elisabeth the Polish contortionist.


some cheap cotton fabric embroidered, stuffed with millet. hope to make it on a much larger scale someday. maybe a bedspread.

Lost wax casting

Vulture pectoral

Yes, I made all those beads.

Music box

Wooden neck carved from basswood. Cross-section of neck etched pewter. Larynx lost wax casting, pewter with patina. Twist the larynx(voice box) to make noise.

First attempt at enameling

mobile with enameled copper. icons based on symbols found in Oceanic art.


original form on right carved from basswood. bronze sand casting on left, sandblasted then a patina. will make stands for both in time.

contortionist Ska von Schoning. figurative pieces above are based off of headseat shown here.

T-bone steak bookends

sand cast in bronze. finished with a patina. original form carved from foam.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Graveyard in the Rain


So I found some old photos I took... thought I'd put them on here.