Friday, July 9, 2010

My amazing logo designed by Bryan Rollins.

A new species of meat legs

Contortionist/Lamb chop
hollow form sand cast in bronze in two pieces. finished with patina.
I plan on making multiples of this from pink foam, then I'll paint them.

Elisabeth the Polish contortionist.


some cheap cotton fabric embroidered, stuffed with millet. hope to make it on a much larger scale someday. maybe a bedspread.

Lost wax casting

Vulture pectoral

Yes, I made all those beads.

Music box

Wooden neck carved from basswood. Cross-section of neck etched pewter. Larynx lost wax casting, pewter with patina. Twist the larynx(voice box) to make noise.

First attempt at enameling

mobile with enameled copper. icons based on symbols found in Oceanic art.


original form on right carved from basswood. bronze sand casting on left, sandblasted then a patina. will make stands for both in time.

contortionist Ska von Schoning. figurative pieces above are based off of headseat shown here.

T-bone steak bookends

sand cast in bronze. finished with a patina. original form carved from foam.