Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So I guess it's about time I posted my BFA

So the bodies ended up being super slippery after the many coats of floor polish I put on them, so when it came time to install, they wouldn't stay stacked. After struggling for a while, I solved the problem by hot gluing them together.

Unfortunately I forgot to mention that I wanted it to be viewed in the round, but I think it still stood out more than enough. Plus it cast some really nice shadows on the wall behind it.

The Process

Making the first body took the longest. Wrestling with the chicken wire to make it do what I wanted and learning how to work with paper and dextrin to cover the armature was slow and painful.

5 bodies, luckily stacking as I had hoped. It was a *very* good thing I worked over spring break.
Night before installation. 5 covered bodies, waxed with floor polish to make them extra glossy, and the table I managed to make *very* last minute. I had originally planned to make a pedestal but the table really helped to elevate the sculpture whereas the pedestal probably would have looked too clunky.